With Calcium Carbonate Coating Machine, How to Improve the Surface Modification Effect and Reduce Surface Modification Costs?

  • The main improvement trend of calcium carbonate powder surface modification technology with calcium carbonate coating machine is to improve the surface modification effect and reduce the modification cost.
  • How to improve the surface modification effect with calcium carbonate coating machine?
  •     Improving the effect of surface modification mainly depends on three aspects: surface modification method, calcium carbonate coating machine and modifier formula. According to the preparation process of the calcium carbonate powder and the type of surface modifier selected, we should select the surface modifier that can improve the dispersibility of the calcium carbonate powder.
  •     We should select coating machine that can make powder and surface modifier well dispersed and have equal opportunities for mutual contact or interaction during the modification process; And we also should select surface modifiers and modifiers according to the type of resin binder and application requirements.

How to Reduce Surface Modification Costs with Coating Machine:

   Reducing the cost of surface modification mainly depends on the following aspects:

    Reduce the amount of surface modifier, which is related to the dispersibility of the surface modifier and the uniformity of the action on the surface of the calcium carbonate powder. It can reduce the amount of surface modifier to a certain extent, and surface modifier is one of the main production cost in the calcium carbonate surface modification operation;

    Reduce the energy consumption in the modification process with the coating machine. Surface modification by coating machine is mostly operations that require heating, which consumes electricity.

   The energy consumption is related to the performance of the process and the coating machine. For this reason, the first is to use a simple process as much as possible, and the other is to use high-efficiency and energy-saving coating machine;

    Reduce the loss of calcium carbonate powder in the modification process. The loss of calcium carbonate powder in the modification process not only increases the production cost of modified products, but also pollutes the workshop environment. For this reason, the first is to use continuous and airtight surfaces as much as possible. The second is to minimize manual feeding and unloading; the third is to minimize the conveying links of powder materials and shorten the conveying distance.

    In the future, functionalization and specialization will become the main trends in the development of calcium carbonate modification with coating machine, and the calcium carbonate structure will also undergo great changes.

Featuers of Calcium Carbonate Coating Machine

     Ultrafine calcium carbonate coating machine can bring the following advantages: good dispersion of powder and modifier, better powder modified rate, low labor intensity, higher productivity and suitable for large-scale production. The calcium carbonate coating machine is often installed with ultrafine powder mill for producing coated ultrafine inorganic powder, especially for plastics, polymer-based composite materials such as rubber, agglomerates, painting, inks, organic fillers and pigments.

     There is a combination of shear, collision, air vortex and friction in the calcium carbonate coating machine chamber, which can disperse the powder and increase collision between powder and modifier. The mixing time of powder and modifier can be increased by the air vortex. And the temperature can be kept at a suitable degree with the help of collision between powder and modifier.

Advanced artificial intelligence technology is used to adjust all process parameters and modifier&powder feeding-rate. This can help to achieve the absorption of modifier to powder surface and stabilize the modified powder quality.

    This calcium carbonate coating machine consists of 1. powder feeding device 2. modifier metering device 3. Spraying device 4. main coating machine 5. blower 6. pulse-jet collector 7.electric control cabinet

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calcium carbonate coating machine
calcium carbonate coating machine

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