Why do we need to do calcium carbonate powder modification by coating machine?

The reasons why do we need to do calcium carbonate powder modification by coating machine?

In the plastic industry, if the calcium carbonate powder directly into the plastics, and this will cause friction.The ground calcium carbonate powder is hydrophilic which means the calcium carbonate likes water, but it is pretty unfriendly towards organics like polymers. And the plastic industry also needs cheap white filler for saving production cost.

    With the help of stearic acid, calcium carbonate coating machine can modify the surface of powder particles to make the particles hydrophobic and lower the friction. The stearic acid one end likes organics and the other end likes inorganics. calcium carbonate powder can by changed from being hydrophilic to hydrophobic by the calcium carbonate coating machine . In the coating machine, the stearic acid is sprayed onto dry calcium carbonate at a temperature of 110-120℃ to make even modification of the particles.

     In this way, the calcium carbonate powder becomes hydrophobic white filler for being used in all sorts of plastic applications. So if you are making PVC pipes, this coated calcium carbonate powder imparts strength and whiteness. More important, you are saving production cost by replacing some expensive polymer.

Main Components of Calcium Carbonate Coating Machine:

     Calcium carbonate coating machine includes the following parts: raw material silo, stearic acid feeding device, screw feeder, modification machine, cyclone collector, pulse dust collector, induced draft fan, electric control system etc.

The coating machine is composed of three cylinder modification cylinders. The dried powder and the precisely metered modifier enter the modification cylinder at the same time. The main motor drives the high-speed rotating rotor to make the material flow. And the heat generated by relatively high-speed shearing, collision and friction with the stator installed on the reforming cylinder rapidly forms a film for modification.

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calcium carbonate coating machine
calcium carbonate coating machine

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