Why do we coat calcium carbonate powder by coating machine

The Differences Between Coated and Uncoated Calcium Carbonate

After ground by ultrafine grinding mill, the calcium carbonate powder is usually hydrophilic, which means the calcium carbonate powder tends to attract water, mix with it, absorb it, or be easily dissolved in it. But, there are some industries, such as the plastic industry, this calcium carbonate powder is really a problem and cause friction.

In order to make full use of calcium carbonate powder, coating calcium carbonate powder is a necessity to reduce the above-mentioned friction and make the calcium carbonate powder hydrophobic. One way to coat calcium carbonate is by using a stearic acid and spraying it onto the calcium carbonate.

So calcium carbonate coating machine can help to coat the calcium carbonate, which heat and mix the calcium carbonate with stearic acid. This calcium carbonate coating machine has three rotors that can mix the calcium carbonate powder with stearic acid intensely and continuously. After being coated, calcium carbonate is a commonly used as filler in plastics compounding.  

 Calcium Carbonate Coating Machine Features:

1. 98% of the surface of all powder particles can be coated with modifier ( with special spray technology)

2. Higher powder coating rate and activated rate

3. No leakage of dust; auto control of material feeding by PLC system; easy operation

4. Continuous production, higher productivity; Running smoothly; less power consumption

Components of Calcium Carbonate Coating Machine

This equipment consists of 1. powder feeding device 2. modifier metering device 3. Spraying device 4. coating chamber 5. pneumatic system 6. pulse-jet collector 7. electric control cabinet

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calcium carbonate coating machine
calcium carbonate coating machine

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