Ultrafine Grinding Mill for 2000 Mesh Powder Exported to South America

This customer from Peru wants to produce 2000 mesh calcium carbonate powder for PVC industry. After detailed comparison, he decided to source 2 ultrafine grinding mill from our company.

After 2 months in the sea, these two ultrafine grinding mill had arrived Peru at the beginning of 2022, and now have run for about 5 months. And the ultrafine grinding mill work well and output is much higher than other companies’ mill.

Ultrafine Grinding Mill is mainly suitable for grinding non-flammable and non- explosive materials with Moh’s hardness < 6 and moisture content less than 5%, such as calcite, calcium carbonate, limestone, kaolin, talc, bentonite, barite, gypsum etc., and it is currently the best choice for super ultrafine grinding of the non-metallic minerals.

The advantages of ultrafine grinding mill:

     This ultrafine grinding mill is equipped with multi-layer and multi-grinding grinding structure in the grinding chamber. This grinding structure not only improves the pulverizing force in the grinding chamber, but also improves the fineness range and production output.

The grinding roller and ring are all made by special wear-resistant material, and the durability has been greatly improved. The ultrafine grinding mill adopts integral casting structure, which not only guarantees the stability of the structure, but also has good anti-vibration performance.

This ultrafine grinding mill has wide and adjustable fineness range between 0.04mm (400 mesh) and 0.005mm (2500 mesh). The ultrafine powder with different fineness products can meet various market demand and improve  the competitiveness of enterprises.

This ultrafine grinding mill is equipped with environment-friendly pulse-jet collector, which can collect 99.9% of the powder, which effectively guarantees the dust-free operation of the workshop.

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ultrafine grinding mill
ultrafine grinding mill

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