Ultrafine Grinding Mill Delivered to Peru for 800-2500 Mesh Limestone Powder Production

This customer from Peru had come to China to visited about 6 companies to check the limestone ultrafine grinding mill and production plant. He was attracted deeply by our quality and design. And after visited some powder production factory, and ultrafine grinding mill performance and output surprised the customer.

When this Peru customer went back to his hometown, he placed an order with us to buy this 26 roller ultrafine grinding mill;

The ultrafine grinding mill has the folllowing components: crusher, elevator, hopper, feeder, classifier, mill, collector, blower and electric control cabinet.

 And delivery and installation of the whole ultrafine grinding mill system is simple and easy to be completed. And as the ultrafine grinding mill has been tested in the factory, so the mill can run as soon as the installation is completely.

Advantages of Ultrafine Grinding Mill:

1. Perfect contact between rollers and ring: The arc or curved surface increases their effective working surface and improves the crushing efficiency. The rollers and rings contact surface and shapes should be consistent and tightly fit, which is good to the production of fine powder.

2. Improved hardness of rollers and rings: this not only guarantees longer working life, but also the powder is not easy to be contaminated.

3. Rotation speed of central shaft can be adjusted according to customer’s requirement.

4. Pulse-jet Collector: 99.99% of the ultrafine powder can be collected, which is also environment-friendly.

5.  Constant temperature control system is adopted and the whole design is also improved, so various additives can be put into the mill to improved the application range of powder.

6. High quality casting technology to prolonger the working life of roller and ring.

ultrafine grinding mill
ultrafine grinding mill

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