The Solutions to Handle Vertical Grinding Mill Abnormal Performance

Higher Vibration of the Vertical Grinding Mill:

  1. Feeding amount is uneven or too small. When feeding amount is uneven, the material thickness on the grinding table is also uneven.So the vertical grinding mill roller always move upward and downward, which will cause higher vibration.

  The solution is to make the feeding at an even rate, and lower rollerpressure and classifier rotation speed, which will also not influence the fixedpowder surface area.

  • Slag or metal enter the vertical grinding mill. Check whether the metal detectors or iron eliminators work well or not. If not, please install new one to replace the old one.

Vertical Grinding Mill Lower Output:

The possible reasons why vertical grinding mill output is lower are as following:

(1) Low drying capacity;

(2) Grinding pressure is low;

(3) The surface area of the powder is toohigh;

(4) The vertical grinding mill air volumeis low.

The solution is to increase vertical grinding mill air volume, drying capacity&grinding pressure, and lower classifier rotation speed.

 Insufficient Feeding in the Vertical Grinding Mill:

When feeding and storage materials are insufficient, the vertical grinding mill should be shut down. If the vertical grinding mill still work, the material between grinding roller and grinding table becomes thinner and thinner, which will brings higher vibration and maybe cause some problems to the reducer. And the temperature in the vertical grinding mill should be also controlled reasonable in order to avoid higher temperature from damaging the filtering bags.

The Solutions to Handle Vertical Grinding Mill Abnormal Performance

The Grinding Roller Pressure of the Vertical Grinding Mill is too High or too Lower:

When the grinding roller pressure is toohigh, please immediately reduce feeding amount and observe the pressuredifference indicator.

 Thepossible reasons as follows:

(1) The feeding device: feeding is toomuch;

(2) The extruding hole of the grinding discis blocked;

(3) The air volume is too low or unstable;

(4) The fineness of the powder separatoradjustment is too fine.

Reasons why grinding roller pressure is too low: 

(1) Feeding amount is too low or feeding isinterrupted;

(2) The fineness of the product is toocoarse:

(3) Excessive ventilation capability.

In addition, check whether the pressuregauge is working properly.

Vertical Grinding Mill Operation Pressure decreases:

The reasons are as follows:

(1) Whether the oil pipe is leaking or not;

(2) Whether the pressure control solenoidvalve is damaged or not;

(3) Whether the pressure pump is workingnormally or not;

(4) Whether the pressure switch is abnormalor not and whether the pressure gauge shows normal or not.

If the above equipment is intact after inspection, the vertical grinding mill can be restarted. After the pressure pump is turned off, the pressure is normal, so there is no need to stop the vertical grinding mill. Otherwise, stop and check the whole vertical grinding mill system, and start operation after troubleshooting.

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