The factors that influence the vertical grinding mill performance

    The vertical grinding mill system is a complete system with grinding and drying function, featuring simple operation, high efficiency, and low power consumption. However, the roller bearings of the vertical grinding mill system are quite expensive. The normal operation of the rollers seriously affects the smooth operation of the whole vertical grinding mill system. Once problems occur, not only the cost is higher, but also longer maintenance time. For the enterprise, time is money, which seriously affects the profit of the enterprise.

Attention must be paid to the wear of the slag vertical grinding mill roller. For the staff, they must be well trained. At the same time, the observation of the working parameters of the vertical grinding mill must be strengthened to prevent problems with the roller bearing, which can ensure the stable operation of the entire system. .

2 Reasons why wearing problems of slag vertical grinding mill rollers happen

 2.1 Poor bearing quality:when grinding, the poor quality bearing can bring larger vibration, and thefeeding rate is low, which can easily lead to bearing damage. In order to lowerthe breakdown rate of the entire vertical grinding system because of bearingdamage, higher quality bearing must be used.

2.2 Not enough lubricant for grinding rollers: compare the quantityof lubricant several times when bearing is damaged, and then observe that lubricantquantity, which is also related to temperature. Insufficient lubricant willcause serious wearing between the grinding roller and the bearing, and thengenerate a lot of heat, and it cannot be released in time. Poor lubricationeffect will affect the operation of the machine and reduce its service life.

 2.3 Poor quality lubricant.For the selection of lubricant, it is necessary to choose a good type and highcost performance to achieve certain benefits. Poor quality lubricant will havea lower lubricating effect, which makes it impossible to form a good oil filmbetween the bearing and bearing support. So the temperature increases, itscolor will become black, and the viscosity will decrease, which will seriouslyreduce the service life of the bearing, cause waste of materials, bring grindingwork interruption, seriously affect the progress of the entire project andreduce the company’s profit.

2.4 The uneven distribution of the materials into the vertical grinding mill: with the daily analysis of the thickness of the materials into the grinding mill, it can be found that when there are many layers of materials, the load of the grinding roller will increase, and the corresponding wear will be more serious, which will cause the accumulation of material; after the material enters the grinding mill, it is easy to deviate from the center of the disc, causing long-term high-load operation of the roller bearing, resulting in bearing damage.

3. Solutions to the problems of slag vertical grinding mill roller wearing

3.1 The assembly of grinding rollers shouldnot be too tight, and do not loosen the bearings before mounting. Be sure tocheck them to see if they are of high quality and good quality. The use of goodquality bearings is conducive to the smooth development of slag verticalgrinding technology and also to the follow-up. The work is carried out toreduce intermediate losses, and it should not be too tight and too loose duringinstallation. If it is too tight, it will lead to accelerated wear, and it willreduce the gap between the raceways, which will cause the temperature to rise,which will cause the bearing to be used shortly. , Directly scrapping, greatlyreducing the service life of the bearing; at the same time, when the bearing isdamaged, too tight will also cause it to be difficult to remove from thegrinding roller, bringing further difficulties to the vertical grinding work.If it is too loose, the gap between the grinding wheels will increase, and thegrinding roller and the bearing cannot be closely connected. When the grindingroller rotates, the phenomenon of seizure often occurs. The two bite eachother. The bearing cannot be removed from the grinding roller again, which maydamage the grinding roller. Therefore, at the same time as inspecting thequality of the bearing before installing it, the installation operator shouldalso pay attention to the fact that the installation rollers should not be tootight and not too loose.

3.2 When using the correct assembly method, the size of the bearing should be tested first. After the test, you must check whether it is correct and ensure that it is correct before preparing for the next operation. Then you must perform certain protective treatment. It is guaranteed not to enter into dust, water and other pollutants. And during the assembly process, pay attention to the time and temperature at all times, and the time and temperature required for different grinding rollers are different. The oxide scale generated by heating must be cleaned up. At this time, the staff must wear the operation special gloves to prevent accidents such as burns. After the assembly is completed, the inspection should be continued to prevent the gap between the inner bearing and the outer diameter from increasing, which will seriously affect the grinding roller.

3.3 The amount of lubricant should besufficient, the category should be good, and the lubricant must be good andcost-effective to achieve certain benefits. It is best to use industrial oilwith high viscosity and good stability. At the same time, reduce the bearingtemperature and adjust to a suitable temperature. And increase the oil pressureand ensure bearing lubrication. At the same time, it is necessary to increasethe amount of oil, reduce the running-in between the grinding roller and thebearing, prevent damage to the bearing, affect the operation of the machine,and reduce its service life.

 3.4Ensure the tightness of the grinding roller The tightness of the grindingroller will also have a great impact on the bearing. Be sure to use a specialrotating oil for sealing, which can not only lubricate, but also prevent dust,water stains and wind and dust from entering into it, and play a good sealingrole. If the sealing effect is poor, the gas will enter the sealing area fromit, and then enter the bearing area, causing unnecessary damage to the bearing,reducing the lubrication effect, and even causing the surface of the raceway tofall off.

3.5 Regular cleaning and cleaning device For the roller device, it is necessary not only to adopt a good configuration, but also to do a good job of maintenance to reduce its problems. The grinding mill device has been used for a long time, and there must be a lot of dust and dirt on the corresponding parts of the grinding roller, and there may even be some iron filings. The company must send staff to clean up regularly. For example, the rollers of the grinding mill need to be cleaned to ensure that there are no iron filings in the interior, and the staff must check carefully to ensure that there are no residues, otherwise it will cause serious damage to the grinding mill. After the cleaning of all parts, you can scrub with diesel to ensure the quality of the parts. For the oil holes, be sure to use compressed air for cleaning to ensure that the previously used oil is completely blown out, and then inject new dry oil, and repeat the operation; when cleaning parts, pay attention to the order of cleaning and be orderly Don’t miss it, and keep the daily parts clean and tidy

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