Powder Coating Machine

Henkry coating machine is a kind of surface modification machine used for powder disperse and surface modification, and especially suitable for the surface modification of calcium carbonate, clay, graphite, talc, silica powders etc. 

 Coating Machine Performance and Advantages

  1. Coating machine main unit structure is compact, which need small space and save factory area.
  2. Coating machine continuous working conditions for modern industrial production.
  3. The ratio of powder and modifier can be accurately controlled.
  4. Screw conveyor is equipped with inverter to adjust the conveying speed to guarantee the feeding amount accurately.

 5.  Cyclone separator, high ratio of separation.

 6.  Pulse-jet collector for higher collectingefficiency and environment-friendly.  

 7.  Special air return system, high temperature inworking process is good for powder coating.

Coating Machine Work Principle:

    The powder is put into the coating machine by the screw conveyor. And modifier is added by the metering pump. And the powder and modifier will be fully mixed when the coating machine runs at a higher speed. At the same time, heat will be generated when the coating machine runs, which helps the mixing operation between powder and modifier. The finished products will be collected in the pulse-jet collector.

Powder Coating Machine
Coating Machine

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