Micro Powder Vertical Mill

Micro Powder Vertical Mill

Working principle of Micro Powder Vertical Mill:

   The material is conveyed into the vertial mill by the screw conveyor and the material falls onto the grinding table. The whole mill is driven by the reducer, which makes the grinding table and roller to rotate. The material moves to the grinding area between the roller and table.

   Afterthe material is ground into the powder between the roller and table, the qualifiedpowder is sucked into the pulse-jet collector through the classifier with thehelp of blower. The coarse powder falls down into the grinding house and isground again to qualified powder.

 For grinding different material with different hardness, the vertical mill roller pressure can be adjusted with the hydraulic system. The classifying system can also be adjusted to making different fineness powder.

Advantages of Micro Powder Vertical mill:

1. Precise fineness control: turboclassifier with five turbine classifier can produce 30%–70% 2μm powder in the4-45μm powder. The surface area of the powder is 21000 cm²/g. The vertical millcan produce 8.5μm powder with a passing rate of 97%. With second classifiersystem, 5μm powder can be produced.

2. Lower power consumption and higheroutput (15%-30% higher than other companies).

3. The powder particle size distribution isnarrow, higher percentage of 2μm powder.

4. Good particle shape for wideapplication, such as artificial stone, plastic masterbatch, PVC pipe, wire andcable, diapers, non-woven fabrics and other industries, with such advantages asgood activation effects and low oil absorption.

5. No air pollution with the help of pulse-jetcollector.

6. The wear-resistant parts are made withGermany material.

7. The whole grinding process can bemonitored by our system

Technical Data of Micro Powder Vertical Mill

Micro Powder Vertical Mill
Micro Powder Vertical Mill
Micro Powder Vertical Mill
micro powder vertical mill

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