Lime Hydrator Production Line

Features of Lime Hydrator Production Line

The calcium hydroxide is also know as lime hydrator which can process soft-burnt, medium-burnt, and hard-burnt quicklime. The accurate metering of slaking water can guarantee the production of a completely slaked finished product with minor residual moisture, higher percentage of fines. This lime hydrator can process feed material with a size of up to about 20mm.

The lime hydrator can be operated automatically with the help of gravimetric quicklime feed, temperature-controlled water supply and sophisticated measuring technology. The whole slaking process is fully completed in the lime hydrator.

1. Intelligent Water Spraying System 2. Slag can be removed after hydration, and improve the purity of the calcium hydroxide. 3.Pulse-jet Collector and Water Dust-eliminating System for Higher Dedusting Efficiency. 4.Thermostatic Hydration for Higher Percentage Hydration. 5. Auto PLC ControlWater Temperature increases quickly and accelerate hydration speed and powder-making efficiency.

Technical Data of Lime Hydrator Production Line

Lime Hydrator Production Line
Calcium Hydroxide Production Line
Calcium Hydroxide Production Line

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