Installation of Calcium Carbonate Coating Machine in Egypt with 5 Days

This Egyptian customer had cooperated with us for more than 10 years, not only he sourced the calcium carbonate coating machine, but also other mining machinery, such as grinding mill, jaw crusher, vibrating screen and etc.

   Towin customer’s trust and respect is what are always pursue. In order to servecustomer well, we help customer find the best quality products and reasonableprice.

   This Egyptian customer just used 5 days to finish the installation of this calcium carbonate coating machine; And then start to produce successfully.

   Our calcium carbonate coating machine has the following advantages: good dispersion of powder and modifier, better powder modified rate, low labor intensity, higher productivity and suitable for large-scale production. And this calcium carbonate coating machine coating machine also use advanced artificial intelligence technology to adjusts the main process parameters and modifier feeding-rate. This can help to achieve the absorption of modifier to powder surface and stabilize the modified powder quality.

   Working principle of the calcium carbonate coating machine:

It is a combination of collision, shear, friction and air vortex to scatter the powder and strengthen the collision between powder and modifier. The air vortex can increase the contact time of powder and modifier and complete powder modification. The collision between powder and modifier also keep the temperature at a suitable degree. Calcium carboante coating machine adopts no-stop feeding of powder and modification, cyclone and pulse-jet collector.  

calcium carbonate coating machine
calcium carbonate coating machine

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