How to produce limestone powder with grinding mill

How to produce limestone powder with grinding mill

Limestone grinding mill can produce powder with a fineness ranges from 80—3000 mesh; Generally speaking, pendulum roller mill is also used to produce 80-400 mesh powder. And if you want to produce 400-3000 mesh powder, ultrafine mill or ultrafine vertical mill are often used. And the finer the powder, the lower output is.

   The grinding mill working principle is almost same, for example, they all have crushing, feeding, grinding, classifying and blowing system to complete the stone grinding. The difference is the grinding system, which is definitely different.

The whole grinding process is as follows:

Firstly, the limestone rock is crushed into small ones(usually 10-20mm) for easy feeding and grinding.

Secondly, crushed stone is conveyed to the grinding mill by elevator and conveyor.

Thirdly, the crushed stone is ground in the mill into powder.

Fourthly, the classifying system is used to let the required powder go into the collector.

Fifthly, the blower is used to blow or suck the powder into the collector.

Sixthly, the powder in the collector can be packed into bags with the help of screw conveyor and packing machine.

    As limestone powder can be made with different limestone grinding mill. We need to choose the suitable mill which can produce the powder we need.

limestone grinding mill
limestone grinding mill

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