How to Operate Ultrafine Grinding Mill and Its Advantages

Before we learn to operate ultrafine grinding mill, we need to the structure of the ultrafine grinding mill. The ultrafine grinding mill has the folllowing components: crusher, elevator, hopper, feeder, classifier, mill, collector, blower and electric control cabinet. As the ultrafine grinding mill has been tested in the factory, so the ultrafine grinding mill can run as soon as the installation is completely. Generally speaking, one engieer from factory can do installation and test running work. Ultrafine grinding mill has the advantages of higher output, low investment and simple grinding technique.

Working Principle of Ultrafine Grinding Mill:
A)The raw material will be lifted into the hopper by elevator after being crushed by crusher.
B)The raw material will go to the mill by the belt conveyor.
C)The material will be ground into powder between the roller and ring.
D)The qualified powder will go into the pulse collector through the classifier. And the unqualified powder will fall down to the mill for being reground.
E) The powder will be collected in the collector and the clean air will go out through the fan.

Operate the ultrafine grinding mill according to the following steps.

Before press the power button, and the voltage indicator should be at the “380V” position(According to local voltage).

(1) Start the elevator.

(2) Start the jaw crusher and ensure there is enough raw material in the hopper.

(3) Start the classifier with the right rotation speed for the needed fineness.

(4) Start the blower and adjust the air valve installed in the pipe properly for the needed air volume.(sometimes, if there is some powder in the mill before start; make the fan run for a while. At the same time, use the hammer to hit the pipes and pulse collector bottom part to make the powder fall down. These powders should go into the mill for being reground. After clearance, move the valve to the right position.)

(5)Start the air compressor. Start the pulse collector controller and open the air valve. If there is “Bang” “Bang” “Bang” sound in the pulse collector, it show that the pulse collector is in the normal working condition. The air compressor working pressure should be suitable. If much higher, the filtering bags will be damaged; if much lower, the powder cannot be wiped out from the filtering bags completely. The pulse collector controller has been adjusted at the proper position without any adjustment when working. When abnormal working condition happens, this controller should be adjusted again.

(6)Start the grinding mill; The time for the mill running without any material cannot be long (less than 2 minutes) for protecting the roller and ring. At the same time, there shouldn’t be more material in the mill for not making the mill run at a higher loading condition.

(7) Start the belt conveyor.

Ultrafine Grinding Mill

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