Core Structure of Ultrafine Grinding Mill

Generally knowledge of ultrafine grinding mill

   It is well known that the crushing and grinding of feeding materialsrequires different techniques and processes because of feeding material sizes.Impact or shear crushing is the main method for grinding bigger size material.Strong impact or shear forces can be used to effectively crush this material.

   For fine materials, because of their bigger surface area, a large pulverization contact area in the ultrafine grinding mill is needed. There are several rollers in the same grinding layer, which can fully grind the material into fine powder. The ultrafine grinding mill has multiple grinding rings, which can grind material with a combination of impact, rolling and grinding. In this way, the material goes through the gap between the rings and rollers in 3 or 4 layers gradually.

Ultrafine grinding mill chamber

     The grinding chamber is the core and key component of the ultrafine grinding mill. Its structural form, shape, hardness and other factors can affect the ultrafine grinding mill working performance. The centrifugal force generated by the grinding roller during circular motion is the crushing force. The crushing force is proportional to the quality of the grinding ring and the acceleration. After several years of exploration, it is better to properly increase the quality of the grinding ring than to increase the rotation speed. And the number of layers of grinding ring should not be more than four layers. Otherwise, the equipment will have large vibration and noise, which is bad for environmental protection. The arc or curved working surface is better than the straight surface. The arc or curved surface increases their effective working surface and improves the crushing efficiency. The rollers and rings contact surface and shapes should be consistent and tightly fit, which is good to the production of fine powder. The rings and rollers should have high hardness, which not only guarantees longer working life, but also the powder is not easy to be contaminated.

For ultrafine grinding mill internal structure, please refer to the following picture:

ultrafine grinding mill

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