Cement Vertical Mill in Philippine

Cement Vertical Mill Situation in Philippine

Cement Vertical Mill quantity can influence the supply of cement powder; If there are not enough cement vertical mill, that country may import cement powder from other countries. Generally speaking, the cement industry is often controlled by government or state-owned companies.

Take Philippine as anexample:

 The cement imports from foreign countries has brought some injuries to local cement companies. Just think about that: if there are many cement vertical mills in Philippine, and cement supply is enough, and cement price is lower than imported cement, why do they need to import. Cement imports almost covers 17.2% of the local production and 14.2% of total market demand.

And Philippine domesticindustry also has strong competitiveness with imported cements. They can worktogether to lower their price, because in the local market, they have costadvantages. 

 If they want to have absolute advantage, they must set up many cement vertical mills to enlarge the production. So the price can be lower, competitiveness can be increased.

vertical mill
Vertical Mill

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