Calcium Carbonate Pendulum Roller Grinding Mill

For producing heavy calcium powder with a fineness ranging from 80 to 400 mesh, Raymond mill/pendulum roller grinding mill can be used. This system is especially for dry production with grinding system and classifying system. Through the high-efficiency classifier, it can directly produce calcium carbonate powder without external sieving or screening. As the air circulates in the grinding mill system, the qualified calcium carbonate powder can selected fast, which can avoid over-grinding. With the help of this kind of roller mill, the output and production efficiency can be greatly improved. With the pulse-jet collector, the whole grinding system can meet national environmental requirements.

Improved Performance of Calcium Carbonate Raymond Mill/Pendulum Roller Grinding Mill

Roller and Ring are made higher and the shovel is made larger to increase the grinding contact surface and grinding force to increase output.

Improved Reducer: the newly-designed reducer rotation can be adjusted according to customer’s requirement to increase output.
Improved Classifier: the turbine wheel use big blade to increase the fineness control, classifying precision and air volume passing area.
Bigger size cyclone to increase collecting efficiency.
High-pressure blower: air pressure can be increased to make air conveying capacity

Calcium carbonate roller grinding mill is a kind of high-efficiency and power-saving equipment. Its technical advantages include higher production capacity; lower energy consumption; wide particle size distribution; good purity; good fluidity and fineness. The fineness ranges is d97 = 33 ~ 200μm, the production capacity of single calcium carbonate roller grinding mill is 6 ~ 35t /h.

The way to increase the efficiency of calcium carbonate roller grinding mill is to lower the wear rate and prolong working life. The feeding rate is strictly controlled by the electric control cabinet, which can guarantee that the material in the grinding chamber is enough, not less or not more. In this way, there will be enough material between roller and ring, which not only protect ring and roller, but also increase production output. Calcium carbonate roller grinding mill has been equipped with electromagnetic iron eliminator to prevent iron or steel from going into the grinding house. And the roller and ring also use wear-resistant material to prolong the working life.

Calcium carbonate grinding mill

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