Calcium Carbonate Coating Machine Delivery to Chile

The customer from Chile use micro/ultrafine powder to produce 800-2000 mesh calcium carbonate powder for paper industry, paint industry and rubber industry. After comparing several companies in China, the customer decided to cooperate with us at last for calcium carbonate coating machine.

The advantages of our coating machine for coating calcium carbonate are as follows:

1. Continuous production without stop

2. Higher powder coating rate and activated rate

3. Protect the original shape of the powder

4. No air pollution

5. Independent liquid and non-liquid dosing system

6. Higher output and lower power consumption

7. Good dispersion of powder and surface modifier, uniform coating of particle surface, less amount of modifier; especially suitable for surface modification of ultra-fine powder.

8. The calcium carbonate coating machine can run continuously for production with large processing capacity, which is suitable for industrial production of various scales.

9. The usage rate of the modified agent is high, the dosage is small, the powder coating rate and activation index are high, and the energy consumption is low.

This customer from Chile also bought one set of ultrafine grinding mill to produce 800-2000 mesh calcium carbonate powder. And the ultrafine grinding mill performance also satisfies him, which is also the reason why he choose our company again for coating machine.

For calcium carbonate coating machine, we not only provide high quality products, but also good service, reasonable price and coating technology service.

Calcium carbonate coating machine technical data

coating machine
calcium carbonate coating machine
calcium carbonate coating machine
calcium carbonate coating machine

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