Calcite Ultrafine Grinding Mill

Ultrafine grinding is an important method for deep processing of calcite. Ultrafine calcite powder can significantly improve the performance of various finished products. In addition, ultrafine grinding is a necessity for ultrafine calcite powder coating. So calcite ultrafine grinding mill plays a very important role in producing talc powder.

      Calcite Ultrafine Grinding Mill includes main mill, classifier, blower, belt feeder, storage hopper, pipe system, pulse dust collector, gearing system and electric control cabinet. Ultrafine grinding mill for calcite powder has the advantages of higher output, low investment and simple grinding technique. The mechanical and chemical reaction in the process of grinding is also good to improve powder activity.

     The way to produce ultrafine calcite powder by ultrafine grinding mill:

     Elevator conveys the crushed calcite (usually less than 10mm) to the feeding hopper. The belt conveyor can move the crushed calcite into the grinding house. And the calcite can fall down through the grinding layers for gradually grinding. And there are three or four layers of rollers and rings in the grinding house.

    The grinding rollers on the rotary table rotate and move towards the ring because of centrifugal force. Calcite will be ground between the roller and ring into ultrafine powder in the grinding house.

     The ultrafine calcite powder with required fineness go through the classifier into the pulse-jet collector, and the coarse calcite powder will fall down into the grinding house to be reground. The special system design can increase the temperature in the grinding house, which can also improve the whiteness of the calcite power.

    Special Features of Calcite Ultrafine Grinding Mill:

1. Perfect contact surface between rollers and ring: The compatible surface contact between rollers and rings can increase crushing force and grinding area and improve crushing efficiency. And this will be useful for producing ultrafine calcite powder.

2. For longer working life and prevent powder from being contaminated, the hardness of rollers and rings are increased.

3. Pulse-jet Collector: 99.99% of the ultrafine powder can be collected, which is also environment-friendly.

4. Vibration absorption and Compact Structure, high safety and reliability

5. Inverter for motor speed control, which can lower power consumption and adjust rotation speed of the mill and classifier to produce different fineness.

     Technical Data of Calcite Ultrafine Grinding Mill:

Calcite Ultrafine Grinding Mill
calcite ultrafine grinding mill

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