Coating Machine

Calcium Carbonate Coating Machine

.  The coating machine is used to modify ultrafine calcium carbonate and do the surface treatment, whose fineness ranges from 325 mesh to 6000 mesh; and the activated rate ≥96%;

   Working principle of the coating machine:

    The dry powder and the modifying additives are conveyed to the coating machine by the screw conveyor. The modifying additives is heated and coated outside the powder particles.

   The most important part of the coating machine is the modification cylinder which includes high-speed rotating spindle, rotor blade and impact hammer. The powder and additives are impacted by airflow in different direction in the modification cylinder. The powder and additives can be fully scattered and then fully connected. The required heat in the cylinder can make coating faster and convenient. After coating and modification, the powder will be cooled and collected in the cyclone and pulse-jet collector. After modification, the powder will not be adhered.

Advantages of coating machine:

  1. Continuous production without stop
  2. Higher powder coating rate and activated rate
  3. Protect the original shape of the powder
  4. No air pollution
  5. Independent liquid and non-liquid dosing system
  6. Higher output and lower power consumption
Coating Machine
Coating Machine
Coating Machine

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